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Are You Covered By Your Insurance Policy?

Many of use are familiar with insurance as we have auto insurance, homeowners insurance or business insurance. We have experience representing people who are insured but receive a Reservation of Rights notice. 
This is a VERY IMPORTANT right.

Protecting And Preserving Your Assets When Involved In A Divorce

We all believe that marriage is a lifetime commitment, but sometimes our best plans and hopes do not last. 

Dissolving a marriage and receiving your fair share of marital assets and an acceptable plan for your children's welfare can be a complicated matter.

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Enforcing Your Rights As A Consumer

Have you been sued/have you been wronged? 

An experienced attorney can fully develop your claim and potentially recover fair compensation and more.

Criminal Conviction Can Have Far Reaching Consequences

A criminal proceeding may impact your life far beyond the sentence, including including loss of professional and educational opportunities, driving privileges, immigration status, and other adverse effects. 

Quality legal representation can prevent this.

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