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Many of us are familiar with insurance as we have auto insurance policies, homeowners insurance policies or business insurance policies. In all insurance policies, there is an obligation on the part of the insurer to pay any justifiable claims made against you, the insured. More importantly, the insurance company has the obligation to provide you with an attorney and to pay the cost of the attorney in the event that a claim is made against you.

In certain instances, the insurance company will advise you that they are defending you under “a Reservation of Rights”. Reservation of Rights notice indicates that the insurer will provide you with an attorney at no cost to you, but they may not pay the claims against you, leaving you at risk of being responsible for any judgment or award against you.

In these cases you have one VERY IMPORTANT right; you have the right to the attorney of your choosing and NOT an attorney chosen by the insurance company.

We have ample experience in representing those people who are insured but who receive a Reservation of Rights notice.

We are more than happy to discuss rights and options at no cost to you when claims are made against you and your insurer notifies you that they are reserving their rights under the insurance policy.

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